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Stellar astronomy is about the study of birth, evolution and finally death of stars. It is an immensely huge subject and occupied a large portion of the main branch of the astronomy subject. Simply put, the birth of a star begins from clouds of gas such as nebula and after billions of years the death of a star may lead to the formation of a black hole. The stellar evolution will not be discussed in this site.

This site gives a glimpse to the beauty of the mysterious universe. Instead of classify according to celestial or stellar types, celestial objects will be introduced according to the constellations from which they are located.

Master List of all 88 Constellations


Brightest star name (Mag.)


Andromede: Andromeda

Alpheratz (2.1)


Antlia: The Airpump

Alpha Antliæ (4.2)

far south

Apus: The Bird of Paradise

Alpha Apodis (3.8)

far south

Aquarius: The Water-bearer

Beta Aquarii (2.9)

far south

Aquila: The Eagle

Altair (0.8)


Ara: The Altar

Beta Aræ (2.8)

far south

Aries: The Ram

Alpha Arietis (2.0)

nothern zodiac

Auriga: The Charioteer

Capella (0.1)


Boötes: The Herdsman

Arcturus (-0.04)


Cælum: The Graving Tool

Alpha Cæli (4.4)

far south

Camelopardalis: The Giraffe

Beta Cam (4.0)

far north

Cancer: The Crab

Beta Cancri (3.5)

nothern zodiac

Canes Venatici: The Hunting Dogs

Cor Caroli (2.9)

far north

Canis Major: The Great Dog

Sirius (-1.5)


Canis Minor: The Little Dog

Procyon (0.4)


Capricornus: The Sea-goat

Delta Capricorni (2.9)

southern zodiac

Carina: The Keel

Canopus (-0.7)

far south

Cassiopeia: Cassiopeia

Shedir (2.2)

far north

Centaurus: The Centaur

Alpha Centauri (-0.3)

far south

Cepheus: Cepheus

Alpha Cephei (2.4)

far north

Cetus: The Whale

Diphda (2.0)


Chamæleon: The Chameleon

Alpha Chamaeleontis (4.0)

far south

Circinus: The Compasses

Alpha Circini (3.2)

far south

Columba: The Dove

Alpha Col (2.6)


Coma Berenices: Berenice's Hair

Beta Comæ (4.3)


Corona Australis: The Southern Crown

Alpha Coronae Australis (4.1)

far south

Corona Borealis: The Northern Crown

Alphekka (2.2)


Corvus: The Crow

Gamma Corvi (2.6)


Crater: The Cup

Delta Crateris (3.6)


Crux Australis: The Southern Cross

Acrux (0.8)

far south

Cygnus: The Swan

Deneb (1.2)

far north

Delphinus: The Dolphin

Rotanev (3.5)


Dorado: The Sword Fish

Alpha Doradûs (3.2)

far south

Draco: The Dragon

Gamma Draconis (2.2)

far north

Equuleus: The Foal

Alpha Equulei (3.9)


Eridanus: The River

Achernar (0.5)

far south

Fornax: The Furnace

Alpha Fornacis(3.9)

far south

Gemini: The Twins

Pollux (1.1)

nothern zodiac

Grus: The Crane

Alnair (1.7)

far south

Hercules: Hercules

Beta Herculis (2.8)


Horologium: The Clock

Alpha Horologii (3.9)

far south

Hydra: The Watersnake

Alphard (2.0)


Hydrus: The Little Snake

Beta Hydri (2.8)

far south

Indus: The Indian

Alpha Indi (3.1)

far south

Lacerta: The Lizard

Lacertae Alpha (3.8)

far north

Leo: The Lion

Regulus (1.3)

nothern zodiac

Leo Minor: The Little Lion

46 LMi (3.8)

far north

Lepus: The Hare

Alpha Leporis (2.6)


Libra: The Balance

Zubenelchemale (2.6)

sothern zodiac

Lupus: The Wolf

Alpha Lupi (2.3)

far south

Lynx: The Lynx

Alpha Lyncis (3.1)

far north

Lyra: The Lyre

Vega (0.0)



Brightest star name (Mag.)


Mensa: The Table

Alpha Mensae (5.2)

far south

Microscopium: The Microscope

Gamma Microscopii (4.7)

far south

Monoceros: The Unicorn

Beta Monocerotis (3.7)


Musca Australis: The Southern Fly

Alpha Muscae (2.7)

far south

Norma: The Rule

Gamma Normæ (4.0)

far south

Octans: The Octant

Delta Octantis (4.3)

south polar

Ophiuchus: The Serpent-bearer

Rasalhague (2.1)


Orion: The Hunter

Rigel (0.1)


Pavo: The Peacock

Alpha (1.9)

far south

Pegasus: The Flying Horse

Enif (2.4)


Perseus: Perseus

Mirphak (1.8)


Phœnix: The Phœnix

Ankaa (2.4)

far south

Pictor: The Painter

Alpha Pictoris (3.3)

far south

Pisces: The Fishes

Eta Piscium (3.6)

nothern zodiac

Piscis Australis: The Southern Fish

Fomalhaut (1.2)


Puppis: The Poop

Zeta Puppis (2.2)

far south

Pyxis: The Mariner's Compass

Alpha Pyxidis (3.7)

far south

Reticulum: The Net

Alpha Reticuli (3.3)

far south

Sagitta: The Arrow

Gamma Sagittæ (3.5)


Sagittarius: The Archer

Epsilon Sagittarii (1.8)

far soutnern zodiac

Scorpius: The Scorpian

Antares (1.0)

southern zodiac

Sculptor: The Sculptor

Alpha (4.3)

far south

Scutum: The Shield

Alpha Scuti (3.8)


Serpens: The Serpent

Unukalhai (2.6)


Sextans: The Sextant

Alpha Sextantis (4.5)


Taurus: The Bull

Aldebaran (0.8)

nothern zodiac

Telescopium: The Telescope

Alpha Telescopii (3.5)

far south

Triangulum: The Triangle

Beta Trianguli (3.0)


Triangulum Australe: The Southern Triangle

Alpha Trianguli Australe (1.9)

far south

Tucana: The Toucan

Alpha Tucanæ (2.9)

far south

Ursa Major: The Great Bear

Dubhe (1.8)

far north

Ursa Minor: The Little Bear

Polaris (2.0)

north polar

Vela: The Sails

Gamma Velorum (1.8)

far south

Virgo: The Virgin

Spica (1.0)

equatorial zodiac

Volans: The Flying Fiah

Gamma Volantis (3.6)

far south

Vulpecula: The Fox

Alpha Vulpeculæ (4.4)


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