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Learning Zone - Chemical Symbols and Formula

ionic 1 Ionic Compounds 2 checkpoint 2

For example, sodium hydroxide is made of one sodium ion and one hydroxide ion:

Na+ and OH-

There is one sodium atom, one oxygen atom and one hydrogen atom for the sodium hydroxide molecule. It is not necessary to show the chemical formula as Na+OH- . This is because the charge is balanced and the chemical formula is simply written as

sodium hydroxideNaOH

Another example: What is the chemical formula for calcium hydroxide?

It can be seen from the Table on previous page that a calcium ion has positive two charge, whereas the hydroxide ion has a positive one charge. To get a net total of zero charge, you need two hydroxide ions to cancel out the charge on one calcium ion. So, the chemical formula is

calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2

The bracket with a subscript two means there are two sets of OH- connected to calcium.

Ionic 1 checkpoint 2


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