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The study of basic elements of matter and the forces acting among them. The aim is to understand the fundamental laws that control the make-up of matter and the physical universe. It is also one of the main branch of scientific studies to understand the origin of the universe.

Who is it for? You may have come across articles about discovery of some exotic particles. What are they and what's the fuss? Why the excitement among the scientific community? This section of the Park is intended to serve those who are curious about the fundmental aspects of matters. It describes the basics of particle physics so that you can familiarise with the subject and taste the curious excitement with the professionals. The text is presented as descriptive as possible but it helps if you have some knowledge in basic general physics.

Particle physics is a very young subject. Virtually all new discoveries are made at the beginning of 20th century onwards. From time to time, new exciting discoveries have been reported and certain chapters of the subject may have to rewrite, if not create even more questions and controversy. For this reason, only those facts that we think (we hope) it is now fully established will be presented here.

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