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why java Java source Codes subjects.

Running applets are free. Please go to the Science Mall for instructions to obtain the Java source codes. The source codes are clearly written with an aim to be self-explanatory. Remarks are profusely used to clarify the program flows. Easy-to-understand English words are used, whenever possible, for identifiers etc. Note that codes are written for layperson who are keen to learn the programming language. In some cases routines are written in more elaborate manners when computational overheads are not seriously been compromised. Experienced programmers may therefore find certain routines can be written in more efficient ways.

It is hoped to show that how a range of Java features and methods could be used in a single large program code. Users are allowed to change the code and recompile it to see the effects of changes. Practical programming experience could be improved in this way. This is in contrast with most Java books which usually show a number of short Java programs, often not relate to one another, as examples.

Java source codecoffee mug

Java is one of the hottest programming language around today. You can add animation, sound to the web pages. You can easily create a professional-looking graphical user interface, and design utility software that makes most of the Internet. One of the strong advantage of Java over most other computer languages is the compatibility across a wide range of computer platforms. Provided you have a Java-enable web-browser you can run applets, regardless the type and brand of computers you are using.

Because of this cross compatibility, applets may not run as quick as other native-compiled codes. However, the issue of speed becomes less relevant for most cases as the computational speed increases at a tremendous pace every year. Furthermore, we only introduce small-scale models which are manageable by most small computers.

For more information about the Java language please visit the following sites:
Java home page

why java subjects


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