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Computational modelling is a very broad subject. The topics included here are by no means exhaustive. At the moment, only four topics are included:

1. Talk to computer - in a strict sense this is not a proper modelling program. It imitates an intelligent subject that attempts to give ‘intelligent’ human response according to your input ‘conversation’.

2. Game of Life. See how computer-generated cells grow and die. Classic Conway game of Life is included but more features are included. See how two colonies fight for survival!

3. Monte Carlo Polymer. Making use of extensive computational power, Monte Carlo (MC) is a very important technique in scientific researches. In fact, numerous works on MC of polymers are still being published every month in scientific journals.

4. Fractal Garden. Grow your own computer-generated 'plants'. Simulate diffusion-limited aggregation processes. Fun, beautiful and entertaining!

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Hope that you find the topics to be useful, educational and equally entertaining! In the near future I will include more topics. So please check into this section of the Park from time to time! If you have any comment or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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